SDK Developer

Job description

Location: London, UK


Ably is the world’s fastest Data Stream Network (DSN) spread over 14 data centers and 175+ points of presence. Each day we stream billions of realtime messages to millions of end-users for thousands of developers around the world. Some of the things our platform powers: HubSpot’s chat and collaboration products, live score updates for millions of Australian Open tennis fans, live transit updates for three million Chicagoans. Working at Ably means helping to build the infrastructure that will power and shape the future of the internet.

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What we do

Ably’s engineering team is deeply technical, collectively bringing a wealth of experience and broad technology skills across infrastructure, security, distributed systems, and much more. The calibre of the code we produce is what excites and motivates us each day. If you enjoy solving hard distributed system problems that are mostly platform agnostic and theoretical in nature, then you'll love working at Ably.


In this role

We are seeking a software engineer who is interested in working across a variety of programming languages and environments. You will join our friendly and creative team, helping us to deliver easy-to-use APIs that enable application developers to build robust solutions that rely on real-time data delivered by our cloud service.

Developers interact with our service, for the most part, using our client library software. This type of software, often referred to as a software development kit (SDK), accelerates the development of servers and client apps that interact with our service. All our SDKs are open source and available on GitHub. We are receptive to contributions from our customers, the developers they work with and the wider open-source community.

What's involved?

  • Management of the full lifecycle of client library software, including the development of new features, maintenance, bug fixing and testing.
  • Cooperating with other developers, collaborating to solve problems and deliver best practice. Activities include commentary on public pull requests and issues, as well as participation in internal Slack channels.
  • Formulation of API proposals and the published specifications for new features, including liaison with the customers requesting them.
  • Provision of support to our developer community, resolving issues raised against our client library SDKs.

Technical skills:

The nature of this role is diverse by definition. We have an idea of some of the skills and experience which might help you perform well as an SDK Developer at Ably, but we believe the most important thing is that you have a desire to evolve your skills and adapt your techniques as the role grows with you.

We think we would like to see:

  • Programming Languages: A range of software development experience, including time spent developing with at least one of Java, C#, Objective-C or JavaScript. We would also like to see that you have written code in other languages, including in some of those that we work with, including Ruby, Go, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, Dart, Clojure, Scala, Python and PHP.
  • Runtime Platforms: An understanding of the varying development issues faced when writing code to be run on a server versus code running in a web client or app, backed up with relevant experience. We have customers developing server-based code in Ruby, Go, C#, PHP, Python and JavaScript (e.g. Node.js). Others are developing code to be run in a web browser using JavaScript or TypeScript, utilising related technologies including Webpack and Babel. Many, of course, are writing apps for tablets and phones - either natively for iOS and Android, or using an intermediary framework like Xamarin, React Native or Flutter. We have to provide the tools and support for this diverse range of runtime environments, so what can you bring to the team? We don't expect you to know everything but we do need you to be enthusiastic to learn when required.
  • Networking and Protocols: Some depth of knowledge around network transports as well as data / message packing. We use HTTP and WebSockets as well as JSON and MessagePack. It would be great if you've had some experience of writing software that implements a protocol.
  • Open-source Software (OSS): We understand that contributing to the open source community may be something you've not had the opportunity to do yet. It's a luxury that not many jobs offer and which many people don't have the free time to participate in either. However, if you have been able to get involved in open-source, then we would love to see what you've worked on.

What’s it like to work at Ably?

Founded by two engineers who spotted a hard and largely unsolved problem, Ably is, at its heart, an engineering company. To provide the infrastructure required for a high-bandwidth, always-connected world we hire engineers with a broad set of technical skills who are ready and capable of taking on challenging realtime engineering problems.

As a company and engineering team we’re committed to a future internet that’s open and Ably’s engineers contribute to existing open source projects. See

We want to work in a company of inclusive people who treat each other well. We’re building a company with a diverse set of people who value:

  • Ownership and impact of work. You have real autonomy and ownership over your work with a visible impact inside Ably, and externally on products powered by Ably that you use in your daily life.
  • An environment to thrive. Modern, comfy office in the heart of Old Street. Excellent transport links, lots of great food, bars and restaurants nearby, and multiple work spaces to match your working style.
  • Truly flexible working and not just lip service. We like people to be in the office most of the time, but work should also fit around life and individual ways of working so you’re free to mold hours and environment to your needs.
  • Work is varied and challenging as we’re solving hard, complex problems that push the limits of what’s possible with today’s software and infrastructure.

What's in it for you?

  • A good, competitive salary
  • Flexibility with working from home
  • Health insurance
  • ClassPass membership
  • Cycle to work
  • Regular company away days and social events
  • Weekly team breakfast or lunch
  • Free drinks and snacks in the office
  • Ongoing professional development (training, events, conferences), including an assigned budget
  • 25 days of paid annual leave (33 days including bank holidays)
  • Company contributions towards your pension
  • Your choice of high quality tech kit to work on

Ably has a culture that values employee freedom and responsibility. Apply to talk to us to see if this role on an impactful and collaborative team is right for you.