Developer Advocate

Job description

Advocating for Ably, you’ll be joining a deeply technical and passionate team that is working with the developer community to provide reliable realtime data delivery at scale. For us, a developer advocate is both a skilled programmer with an interest in the latest technologies and trends, and also one that enjoys speaking, blogging, being part of the developer community and contributing to open source projects. 

What makes Ably special?

Ably is powering next generation digital experiences through its distributed global messaging cloud-based platform for companies like OfferUp, Yahoo, IBM, Team GB and Computer Associates. Realtime experiences are ones which are live rather than static, where data is in motion rather than at rest, such as realtime location tracking, multiplayer gaming, live events with massive fan-out, chat and elearning. Read about the distributed platform engineering problems we think about and solve each day

If you want to learn from a deeply technical team and play a key part in helping developers understand and solve realtime data problems of the future, we'd love to have you on board in our team.

You will:

  • Build cool demos, prototypes and tutorials for the Ably platform using popular and trending technologies.
  • Develop written materials, guides, documentation, design patterns geared towards the developer community.
  • Participate in online communities.
  • Work extensively with the engineering, marketing and sales teams.
  • Attend and speak at technical conferences, meetups and hackathons. 
  • Engage with customers and the developer community and gather feedback to help steer our product roadmap and feature releases. 
  • Help define the customer experience by, for example, improving our developer onboarding experience.
  • Participate within the Open Source community.

Our tech stack:

  • Infrastructure languages: Ruby, Bash.
  • Service languages: Node, Go, Elixir.
  • Data services: Cassandra, Influx, Elastic, Kibana, Grafana, etc.
  • Web site: We use Rails & Heroku for simplicity. 

See and for a taster on the lengths we go to at each layer in the stack to ensure 100% service uptime.


  • Salary range: £40k to £60k.
  • Employee options: Yes, negotiable.
  • Holidays: 25+ days excluding national holidays.
  • Flexible working: This role is expected to be more on-site in our London office than remote.  Given the collaboration necessary with the marketing, sales and engineering teams, we believe frequent time together in the office is beneficial for everyone. However, we are strong advocates of remote working and the engineering team has, until recently, been exclusively remote.  As such, we advocate remote working and would be happy for you to work remotely as much as you'd like and is practically possible.
  • Work in an environment where code quality, technical challenges and delivery is what we all care about. 
  • Skills development is intrinsic in the job. We're largely working on unsolved problems each day, and such, there is plenty of scope to widen your knowledge and skillset with a deeply technical team.
  • Work with genuinely nice people who are passionate about what they do.

Closing date: You must apply before the 6 July 2018



  • Experience: 3+ years of programming and at least one year of engaging with developer communities.
  • Languages: Polyglot programmer, ideally with strong skills in Javascript and Node and at least two other popular languages. See the languages we currently support for our client SDKs at
  • Content: Demonstrated experience writing blog posts, describing your technical explorations and communicating design patterns and techniques to a developer audience.
  • Speaking: Public speaking skills with experience presenting to technical audiences.
  • Support: Communicate effectively with our developer community, monitoring and reacting to comments and questions through our various channels including our live chat and support channels, our blog, social media, StackOverFlow and of course in person.
  • Fast Learner: We’re looking for a developer advocate who thrives on applying their knowledge and learning new technologies.
  • Passion: We expect you'll already love building small projects using new technologies, frameworks and languages, just for the fun of learning and satisfying your own curiosity.
  • Customers: Comfortable talking to customers and developers and assisting them with their technical issues and integration.
  • Open source: We prefer developers who have contributed back to the open source community, even if those contributions are small. 
  • Travel: Ability to travel for technical events and meetups where necessary

Closing date: You must apply before the 6 July 2018