Content Marketer

Job description

What makes Ably special?

Ably helps power next generation digital experiences. Ones which are live rather than static, where data is in motion rather than at rest. Things like live chat, realtime location tracking, live document collaboration, gaming and eLearning. We've gained the trust of some the largest businesses in the world to integrate us into their stacks, businesses such as HubSpot, OfferUp and CA Technologies.  We also work with a diverse range of tech startups globally powering features such as an air traffic control system for drones. Working at Ably means you are working on a cutting-edge product that is helping global brands shape the future.


What makes this Content Marketing role so great?

At Ably, we believe content is king and is how we reach our developer customers. To date we have been delivering a steady flow of technical and marketing materials on our website, blog, on YouTube channels as well as within popular media destinations within the developer circles.

This is an amazing opportunity for someone to experiment, innovate, and deliver a content marketing strategy in a business that is growing and establishing a brand in the global developer community. The business is small and friendly, there is little hierarchy, and everyone has the autonomy they need to make mistakes, learn and grow in their role.  At the same time, we're a supportive team you can lean on when you need help. Not only will you be working directly for the CEO and co-founder of Ably but you will be working under the mentorship and support of Ashley Friedlein, an investor in Ably, who is one of the most influential and well-connected digital/marketing professionals in the UK.


Day to day you'll:

  • Content production: Author and review content for various channels for amongst others our blog, original research, case studies, product and feature announcements, marketing and sales collateral, newsletters and any other material relevant to the various sales and developer relation campaigns we run.  Whilst our content varies from non-technical to very technical, you will have the support from our engineering team, developer relations team and founders for technical input and support.  You must however be comfortable writing technical content.

  • Promotion: Management of our promotional media channels including social, developer communities, Q&A sites etc. We have had some great successes on third-party sites like Reddit and HackerNews, and hope to build on this. You will also help boost our presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other relevant sites while ensuring all the information is up to date. In summary, you need to ensure that the content produced is being read by the intended users.

  • Monitoring: Monitor customer conversations on our support channels and social media, as well as public feedback on our competitors' products and use it as a base to come up with new content marketing ideas that improve customer engagement. For example, you will help us increase the volume of questions we answer on sites like Quora and StackOverflow, etc. and notify the appropriate teams to respond accordingly, if required.

  • Type-based marketing: You will manage a list of relevant opportunities and marketing platforms suitable for our various types of content and work on a specific plan for each, to ensure maximum outreach. You will also try and build positive relationships with the owners and moderators of various marketing platforms for meaningful collaborations in the future.

  • Directories and Aggregators: You will maintain Ably’s presence on third-party sites likes Crunchbase, Siftery, Angelist etc. with up to date information.

  • Search marketing: You will be responsible for managing our search marketing campaigns, and exploring organic search opportunities, from a content perspective. You will be assisted by our business analyst to help with analysis and optimisation.

  • Marketing materials: You will oversee the production of our marketing materials, including the website landing pages and marketing content, digital brochures and presentations, and printed materials for events and potential mail outs.
  • Product launches: You will assist with every product launch by working to ensure we have a press, publicity, social impact along with a specific marketing strategy that will be executed on. You will work with other teams during product launches to help coordinate delivery and the launch.

  • Public relations: You will work with our chairman, Ashley Friedlein of Econsultancy, and our PR consultants to publicise new features, product wins, thought leadership etc.


  • Salary range: £28k to £50k. Depends entirely on skills and experience.
  • Holidays: 25+ days excluding national holidays. Can be negotiated.
  • Whilst we are based in our offices in Camden, London most days, you can benefit from a truly flexible working environment in which remote working and managing your own working time is the norm.
  • Work with energetic and genuinely nice people who care about our product and what we do.



Skills Required

  1. Ambition: You are an intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, curious, collaborative and honest. 

  2. Experience: Experience producing and delivering digital content, using social media and other digital channels to promote content and drive traffic. Exposure to PR, CRO, analytics, managing web assets, content generation, and sales.  

  3. Technical: You will have a technical background, or a keen interest and understanding of technical concepts and the tech industry.  Our product is a deeply technical product aimed at developer, so whilst you will not be writing technical materials, all content will be of a technical nature and your ability to grasp and describe technical concepts is imperative.

  4. Autonomy: Proven experience taking ownership of tasks and delivering them. You will be part of a small team and will be expected to deliver.

  5. Diligence: Given the breadth of this role and the passion we have about our product, we are looking for someone who is diligent in their work and will actively help ensure quality in our content marketing effort.

  6. Communication: We use tools such as Slack throughout the day to communicate, however we believe in voice conversations to discuss and solve problems. You must be proficient in spoken and written English and be eager to collaborate with other teams.

  7. Customers: On occasion, you may be required to talk to customers so you should be both happy and able to do this.

Bonus Skills

  1. Academic qualifications

  2. Experience working in a technical / software / developer facing company.

  3. Social Media presence / influence.

  4. Published blog articles on popular sites.

  5. Experience as a Content Marketing Manager.

Please note: Only UK residents, or candidates permitted to and able to work in the UK immediately may apply.